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Name of Print - Fire

Long ago the largest of all hawks lived on the earth. He was so big that his wings

darkened two lodges when he flew over the village. Luckily for those around him, this Great Hawk was kind and good. But he was also very powerful, with a supernatural

gift of song. For example, he would sing a special song that would catch any rain

clouds that were near and bring them toward him.

One time the Thunder Beings decided to give the Hawk a special song that would draw them to him. They listed specific preparations he must make before singing the song, including giving thanks to the Great Spirit and feeling gratitude to the thunderers for sharing their power with him. This he did once, but then the Great Hawk became self-important and ignored the prescribed preparations. When he sang his song, a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky and burst into flame as it touched the Hawk's wing. The Hawk found himself before the Great Spirit who chastised him for becoming too arrogant. The Great Spirit took away the hawk's power to call the thunder and made him the servant of the Thunder Beings, so that he is always with the thunder and always remembers his place in the universe. The Hawk was henceforth seen as the bird of fire, the Thunderbird.

From Sun Bear and Wabon
The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology
Prentice Hall Press, New York, 1980.

Price: $150.00 | Print Size 17"x 20" |


Name of Print - Water

Ripid-do, one of the frog chiefs, became very dissatisfied with eating only the insects available in the water lands. From observing the other animals, he suspected that they were climbing far up the distant mountains and finding better things to eat. One day he consulted with snake and learned that the mountain had bugs and other delicacies of unbelievable size and succulence. The word of the wonderful things to eat on the mountain spread to all the frogs in all of the ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. They became disturbed that the Great Spirit had given them so little. The Great Spirit told Ripid-do that all his needs were being met and not to be greedy. Ripid-do and his followers, however ignored the Great Spirit and proceeded up the mountain. In the meantime, the other animals were coming down. Snake told them that this was not the time to visit the mountain and to return to their ponds. The frogs were determined and went on. Soon they discovered that the snows were melting and pouring water down the mountain. The rocks themselves started melting, creating great danger to the frogs. Ripid-do suddenly realized that his own greed and lack of faith had caused him to defy the Great Spirit and endanger his brother and sister frogs. He prayed to the Great Spirit that he would give his own life if the others could be saved. The Great Spirit complied and sent the other frogs down a waterfall to safety. Ripid-do was blown into a tree where he perched until the mountain finished erupting. The Great Spirit decreed that Ripid-do and his descendants would live in the trees and no longer in the water to which all of his relatives remained uniquely suited.

From The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology
by Sun Bear and Wabun
Prentice Hall Press, New York, 1980

Price: $150.00 | Print Size 17"x 20" |


Name of Print - Air

When the earth was young, no butterflies existed to brighten the spring and summer days with their rainbow-colored wings. Their ancestors, the crawlers, were beautiful, but people often missed their beauty because they would not watch the earth as they walked. In this time, there lived a kind woman named Spring Flower. As a young woman, she received a vision of strange, beautiful flying creatures who came to her and gave her the power of the rainbow which they carried with them. Each color of the rainbow had a special healing quality which these flyers revealed to her in her vision. They re-named her "She Who Weaves Rainbows in the Air." When she grew old and near her time to enter the Spirit World, she asked the crawlers how she could be of service to them, as she believed that they had enabled her to serve others through the healing of their colors. The crawlers asked if she could help them to fly so that people would notice their lovely colors and be cheered and healed by their powers. When "She Who Weaves Rainbows in the Air" was buried, a crawler asked her husband to be buried with her so that their spirits might blend and her healing work continue. The husband did as the crawler asked, and witnessed the first metamorphosis of crawler to butterfly. From that time on, butterflies have always been brightening the air and our lives with the healing power of their beauty.

The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology
By Sun Bear & Wabun
(Prentice Hall Press, New York, N.Y., 1980)

Price: $150.00 | Print Size 18"x 19" |


Name of Print - Earth

Long ago the Great Spirit covered most of the earth with water because the inhabitants had forgotten the law of unity and were showing jealousy, hatred, and greed. The animals that survived grew lonely for companionship. They appealed to a Spirit Woman in the sky to join them on earth to bear and raise her children. Knowing that this Sky Woman would need land to walk upon, the Giant Turtle offered his large, strong back for the purpose. When Sky Woman descended to earth, she walked around the vast area (Turtle's back was a large one!) and determined it was indeed a fine home. Concerned that she would be depriving Turtle of his purpose in life, Shy Woman enlisted the water animals to bring her land from the bottom of the ocean. She spread the land around Turtle's back and breathing the breath of life upon it, she caused the land to multiply. Soon it covered Turtle's back, freeing him from his obligation. In honor of turtle's sacrifice, Sky Woman made him a creature of both the water and the land. This is how turtle became the totem of the Earth clan.

From Sun Bear and Wabon
The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology
Prentice Hall Press, New York, 1980

Price: $150.00 | Print Size 17"x 20.5" |


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